Specific FAQs

Do you only offer support to people who have been impacted by clerical sexual abuse?

Our professional expertise and support across psychotherapy and advocacy is available to all adults who have been impacted by sexual violence, no matter what the circumstances were.

Do I have to pay?

The full cost of ongoing support of professional psychotherapy and/or advocacy can be expensive and beyond the means of many people. We recognise this and offer our advocacy expertise and support for free, we invite clients to contribute to the costs of therapy. Where clients are in a position to make a charitable contribution towards our running costs we welcome that needed support.  Whether they are in position to contribute or not, clients are welcomed and respected whatever their financial status.

Is the service confidential?

While you will always be welcomed by a friendly face, and if you so wish by name, we respect your privacy and your right to confidentiality.  If we need to telephone you our number will display as ‘private’.  Our emails display as ‘name@oneinfour.org’, if you are concerned about the privacy of your email account let us know and we will aim to accommodate you.  You may wish to empty your internet search history, for details click here.

What is your policy on child protection?

Child protection is at the heart of what we do. While our services are confidential, if you give us information that children may be at risk, it is our policy to pass that information to the HSE child protection services. Our work respects the principles of the Children’s First Guidelines.

What can I expect?

You can expect a welcoming professional and individual service that will move at a pace and in a direction that you are comfortable with.

How soon can I get help?

We know that the decision to reach out for support can be a big one for many people. However, we do have waiting lists for all our services, and all our services are by appointment only. We aim to respond to your initial inquiry within 5 working days and will discuss next steps and timeframes depending on your specific needs.

I don’t live in Dublin, can you still help me?

Our psychotherapy services are based in Dublin, with many people attending from Leinster and further afield.  For therapy support outside Dublin, click here for a list of related agencies or get in touch if you have a specific question.  Because of the nature and diversity of the advocacy work we are most often able to help people from all corners of the country.