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help pay for someone attend group therapy so they receive some support while on our waiting list
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help pay towards skilled support for someone making witness statements in court

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How we Raise Money

How we Raise Money

Dublin Gospel Choir raising money for One In Four in 2010

Regular direct debit donations, one-off donations, community-based collections, sponsored sports events and gifts in kind all form part of our fundraising. The generosity of donors and fundraisers means we can transform lives today and protect the children of tomorrow.

The majority has come from the statutory sector, in 2009 these were: Health Service Executive, the Commission for the Support of Victims of Crime, the Department of Justice and the Family Support Agency. Around 25% of clients receiving therapy were clerically abused, Faoiseamh provides funding for many, but not all, of these clients.

Funding in 2010 also came from Electric Aid and National Lottery grants.

Our promise to you: Ethical Fundraising. Donor Charter.

How money is spent

Receiving professional help is labour intensive, each person receives tailored support from a dedicated staff member. Proper support takes time. A person receiving psychotherapy support may have a session every week for between one and two years. Advocacy support varies greatly from a once-off query to a full case load support over a year or two.

We know that sexual abuse can impact on all areas of a person’s life including their career and financial status. We also recognise that people have very different financial circumstances and are in different stages of their life. We are currently in a positin to provide the advocacy service free of charge. Due to labour and time intensive needs of therapy, we invite clients to contribute to these costs. Those clients who can contribute do, however covering all or any of the costs for the support received is most often beyond our client’s means.

Time and money is also spent on research, policy formation, campaigning and forming networks with relevant agencies and professionals that support change or client needs.  Without public funding and donations we simply would not exist.