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The Children’s Referendum
‘The Children's Referendum Saturday 10th November, 2012’

The Children’s Referendum

The Children's Referendum

The Government has published the 31st Amendment of the Constitution Bill, which sets out the wording to put to the people in the Children’s Referendum on Saturday, 10th November. 

Ahead of the Referendum, the Government is mounting a major Information Campaign to outline and explain the proposed constitutional changes, to ensure that the public fully understands the proposed Amendment. 

A dedicated new website provides information on the referendum. 

This Referendum proposes to place a dedicated Article in the Constitution, which has children as its central focus. 

This Referendum is about strengthening the Constitution:
  • to protect children from abuse and neglect by putting their safety and welfare at the centre of decision making.
  • to support families; State intervention will be required to be proportionate, in line with the Government’s policy of continuing development of early-intervention and family support services to protect children in their home.
  • to treat all children equally on key issues such as adoption, regardless of the marital status of their parents.
  • to recognise children in their own right by providing an express statement of each individual child’s inherent rights and giving Constitutional recognition to the best interests and views of the child, in court cases affecting their life.

You can also follow the Children's Referendum on Twitter at @childref12
See Change: Reducing Stigma on Mental Health Problems

See Change: Reducing Stigma on Mental Health Problems

Sexual abuse affects different people in different ways.  As with other types of trauma, emotional and mental health suffering is common.  In seeking different ways to reach people and encourage them to seek help and care for their mental health One in Four has joined the See Change campaign.

What See Change is about

See Change is Ireland’s national programme working to change minds about mental health problems in Ireland. We're working in partnership with over forty organisations to create a disruptive, community driven social movement to reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health problems. We're passionate about equality, and part of our mission is to ensure that everyone enjoys the same rights on an equal basis.

What See Change wants to achieve

  1. an environment where people can be more open and positive in their attitudes and behaviour towards mental health;
  2. greater understanding and acceptance of people with mental health problems;
  3. greater understanding and knowledge of mental health problems and of health services that provide support for mental health problems; and
  4. a reduction in the stigma associated with mental health problems and challenge discrimination.

For more information:

Saving Childhood

Saving Childhood

One in Four has joined together with seven organisations, concerned with child protection, to launch the Saving Childhood campaign.  Developed alongside Barnardos, CARI, the Children’s Rights Alliance, the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, the ISPCC, the Irish Association of Young People in Care, and Rape Crisis Network Ireland, the campaign launched on the first anniversary of the Ryan report.

The aim together is to insist that Government keep the momentum going on key policy changes promised after the publication of the Ryan Report.  Together we are calling for key legislation and policy change commitments to be implemented including placing the Children First child protection guidelines on a statutory footing; introducing legislation for the right of children’s voices to be heard in judicial proceedings affecting them; the statutory provision for aftercare and numerous developments in the provision of services for children in the care of the State.

To ensure children are heard and fully protected in our national constitution, you can take action.  Click here in and 3 quick and easy steps you can let all those TDs and Senators that represent you, that you want a referendum to protect children.  Do your bit to ensure that the abuses that have happened in the past and those that continue to happen due to legal loopholes will never happen again

Criminal Justice System

The legalities and criminal process around historical abuse are very specific and there is a relative lack of research in the area, particularly from the perspective of a victim’s experience of the process. The One in Four advocacy team is conducting formal research with previous clients, and relevant professionals, on their experience with the criminal justice system. 

The research will provide insights that will be of important day to day use to relevant professionals (e.g. Gardai, barristers, court officials) in guiding their interactions with clients.  It is hoped that the research will reveal improvements, both simple and thought-provoking, that will benefit the accessibility of the criminal process.  The research is currently underway and will be published in the last quarter 2011.