Recycle mobiles & gadgets

Join our mobile phone and gadget re-use it appeal and help One in Four and the environment at the same time!

One in Four has joined forces with GreenYourGoods to raise money to help people suffering from sexual abuse and children at threat of sexual abuse. By donating your old mobile phones, laptops, ipods and gadgets for reuse or recycle, you can help make a real difference.

How to make it happen

It’s easy! Get the value of your donated old gadget and registration details online from GreenYourGoods and then freepost them.

You can even set up a fundraising campaign and encourage your community, school or business, to put old phones, laptops and gadgets to great use. GreenYourGoods can help you with a collection bin and/or courier, more info.

How much is donated per phone or gadget?

When you enter the details of the gadget you wish to donate, GreenYourGoods will let you know upfront how much money will be donated to One in Four. Only 8% of the value of the gadget to be recycled or reused is kept as profit by GreenYourGoods.

What happens the mobile phones and gadgets once they’re donated?

Your unwanted gadgets are sold by GreenYourGoods at fair market prices through their network of ethically sound partners. Other items are sold within the E.U. or returned to the production loop to be used again. Games and laptops go to Europe, needed phones go worldwide, a small amount are recycled.