One Day

We are looking for extremely generous donors and businesses to give One Day to us. Someone with the means, compassion and generosity to do.

It costs us €2,112 every single day to help all of the women and men who reach out to One In Four for help.

This €2,112 covers all of the therapy sessions, all of the courtroom visits, all of the advice. Everything we do.

It allows us to meet hundreds of people and families, and to answer thousands of calls. It even includes our electricity bills, our phone bills, and even the cup of tea that every one of our visitors gets.

By donating €2,112 to us you will be responsible for all of the help each survivor – each man, woman and family – gets for one day this year.

You will be the reason One In Four opens on that day.

And you can choose the date. It might be an anniversary, it might be your birthday, or it might be a date that is important to you for some other special reason.

And (if you’re happy for us to do so) we would like to display your name (or your company’s name) in our reception that day so that every visitor can see it.

If there is a chance that you or your company is in a position to make this donation of €2,112 today then we do hope you will do so. As well as being eligible for tax relief, there are other benefits to your company, including:

  • Optional display in the One In Four offices
  • Optional plaque for display in your offices
  • Press release detailing the partnership
  • ‘Best CSR Programme’ Nominations
  • Regular mentions on One In Four’s social media
  • E-mail signature template to use in your outgoing e-mail
  • Logo and link on One In Four’s website
  • Acknowledgment in One In Four’s Annual Report
  • Staff Training, Awareness & Support
  • Priority invitations to One In Four’s events throughout the year
You can also spread your donation over 12 monthly donations of €176 each. Or why not club together with a bunch of friends or co-workers and sponsor a day together?

If you have any questions then please Simon on (01) 662 4070 or by e-mailing

Thank you so much.