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Georgina’s story  Therapy Support

I am one in four. I am that person. I am the reality of sexual violence. It is my life’s experience. I was terrorised and entrapped as a child against my will. Much of my adult experience of life had at its core terror and anxiety.

In my darkest hours I thought there was absolutely no way through the shit I was dealing with. I believed that happy endings were for others and that the pain, terror and anxiety I felt were just too difficult to work through.

However, there is a way through and I am living proof of that.

I availed of One in Four’s group therapy. It was a powerful experience. I met some very courageous people in the group. I took heart from hearing that other people’s experiences were similar to my own. That was quite a revelation. With the help of professional psychotherapists, I was able to express my feelings and memories associated with abuse.

I now know it was not my fault. I can look society in the face and not feel the shame that society has dished out to me through its discomfort with the issue itself. I do not have to feel guilty or ashamed. I can begin to learn to trust others and I am not alone.

Thank you One in Four for your help and support.

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