Stories of Hope

Excellence, a poem by Keith  

When your mind is in trouble
And you begin to doubt
You think that no one listens
No matter how loud u shout
You're causing trouble for urself
And those you hold so dear
Violent outbursts, rage and a lot of fear
Things not looking bright or very clear

But don't ever give up on ur self
Respect it's in us all
Now as we've become adults
Should have been there when we were small.
So if you put out your hand
Sometimes it gets slapped
Don't immerse yourself in the madness
Like a present that's been gift wrapped.

There are people out there, very willing to help
To help you get through, Good times bad times those inbetween
They'll endeavour to help you move forward
And allow u to scream.
Helping us to challenge at home or in the Court.
Their aim to bring us forward and offer great support.

When my mind was elsewhere
The clouds all dark and grey
Where nothing seemed to work, even tho I pray
Emotions at a high, depression almost on the floor
A voice once told if it gets real bad to ring 'One in Four'
A voluntary service, with staff so patient & kind
Willing to help you solve issues, to help u clear ur mind

A people whose dedication is only sublime
Who help u succeed even when its on the line
Groups, session, therapy a great help to me
Kind words & wishes coffee & tea
Environment with comfort like a room you'd have at home
Since i come to One in Four my confidence it's grown.

A different person i have now become all the scars are there
Each day it gets a little easier, now i know people care
So if u read this poem, and realise its us i'm talking about
always remember One in Four are there no matter how
quiet you shout.

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