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help us keep in phone contact with someone in distress
help pay for someone attend group therapy so they receive some support while on our waiting list
help pay for a person to have a one-to-one therapy session, getting the individual and expert support they deserve
help pay towards skilled support for someone making witness statements in court

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In Ireland one in four of us will face sexual violence at some point in our lives, it could be you, a friend or a loved one. One in Four works to prevent it, to advocate and to give professional care to those who need it.

Your support can keep us doing what needs to be done.

We run over 5500 therapy support hours, 3800 advocacy hours helping adults, children and their famillies every year. With expert help, committed support and belief, even the most vulnerable can turn their lives around. While some clients contribute to the costs of helping them, most are simply not able to.  Money fundraised for One in Four has:

  • helped Patrick to move on from the violence of his past and to rediscover love
  • supported Avril and her family through the trauma of the court system
  • Given MD the support to know it was not her fault
  • protected children from J and allowed him to behave safely
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