Following on from the success of last year's online event, One in Four invites you to save the date:" Friday the 1st of December", for the Art Show, with a twist.

You are invited online to browse their collection of original artworks by award-winning creators at surprisingly affordable prices, all to fund crucial support services for survivors of child sexual abuse. 

For only €50, you might take home an original artwork by international artists, like Gareth McConnell, Vera Klute, The 2022 Zurich Portrait Prize winner David Booth or Claudine O’Sullivan, whose Apple Pencil campaign won the World Illustration Awards.

The twist? The artist's name remains a mystery to the buyer until after the work is bought.

The Secret Art Sale will open on One in Four’s website at 9 am on Friday 1st December and will be live for 10 days.

Last year, the Secret Art sale raised €12,500 with the hard work of 109 artists, but the 2023 show has already seen 565 artists register their work. Each one of these contributors is an acclaimed international artist, emerging creator, art student or illustrator.

The Secret Art Show will begin 9am on Friday 1st December at