Buen Camino Antoinette!

Published: Jun 01, 2018

Antoinette has been working as a Psychotherapist in One in Four for ten years. On 1 st May she will take a week off her busy schedule to take part in The Camino De Santiago in aid of One in Four. We chatted to Antoinette about her motivation to do the challenge and how she prepared for it.

Let’s start with your work, what makes working in One in Four so worthwhile?

The ethos at One in Four is something I really believe in. It is an area that is not often seen as attractive to the wider public to support, yet one in four people in Ireland have suffered sexual abuse.  The programme has grown and developed organically which now involves working with
families and perpetrators. These are new elements of the programme developed to protect children from sexual abuse. That’s our Primary Purpose: Child Protection.

What made you sign up to do The Camino?

I had been considering it for some time and when One in Four decided to organize it I thought it was a great opportunity to raise funds for One in Four and also to meet a need in myself.

Who helped you fundraise and what types of things did you do?

Once I signed up I told my friends and family. They were so enthusiastic. A friend organized with her work colleagues a bag pack. Another of my friends suggested we do a car boot sale and another suggested a cheese and wine night. I supplied the cheese, nibbles everyone brought the wine and people donated 10 euros each. It was a great success. Friends took sponsor cards and raised funds as well.

How have you prepared for the challenge?

I have been walking part of the way to work three mornings a week. As the date is approaching I have been extending the distance I walk.

What are you looking forward to the most from the Camino and what will be the biggest challenge?

Walking 20 kilometres day after day will be challenging but spending time out in the open, that shared experience with the group and knowing the money raised will enable us to support more clients makes it all worthwhile.

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