Leanne does 'The Great Dublin Bike Ride' for One in Four

Published: Sep 19, 2018

Leanne is doing the Great Dublin Bike Ride next weekend for One in Four. We had a little chat with her about it..

Let's start with your work, what makes working in One in Four so worthwhile?

Working in One in Four lets me support people that have experienced horrific trauma in their childhood. Being able to see the strides each person makes and getting to be on that journey with them. When I get to see the changes they are making to improve their lives due to the work we are doing together in therapy makes it worthwhile, knowing that the impact that was made on their lives in childhood doesn't have to define them.

What made you sign up for The Great Dublin Bike Ride?

Wanting to try something new and challenging while pushing my own personal limits

Who helped you fundraise?

Stephaine from fundraising in One in Four. We set up my online fundraising page. Friends and family have been kindly donating on it ever since!

How have you prepared for the challenge?

I got a new bike so now I find myself cycling everywhere, I cycle to work and go for longer rides on the weekends. So this is what got the idea going. I'm nervous though! I haven't cycled more than 30km in one go!!! So I'm expecting it to be really difficult as the cycle is 70km long. Ahhh!

What are you looking forward to the most from The Great Dublin Bike Ride?

The finish line ;) 

Join us in wishing Leanne well next weekend, send us on your messages of encouragement so we can pass them on! If you want to take a look at her Great Dublin Bike Ride page here is the link:

https://great-dublin-bike-ride 1.everydayhero.com/ie/leanne

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