One in Four invites you to "I am One in Four"

Published: May 09, 2019

An exhibition of survivors’ stories of childhood sexual abuse

Stories of childhood sexual abuse, and surrounding culture of silence are presented first-hand in a compelling exhibition by people who experienced sexual violence.

The exhibition called I am One in Four uses an approach called photovoice in which ten people present their personal testimonies through a combination of narrative and photographs.

Commissioned by One in Four, entry is free of charge at the Liffey Corner of the CHQ building, George’s Dock, Dublin.

It is open from 9am-5.30pm, Monday May 13 – Friday May 17th.

Conducted by Sociologist Dr Maria Quinlan and Visual Artist Patrick Bolger, the exhibition uses a participatory approach called photovoice.

Dr. Maria Quinlan said: “Photovoice is research by people and with people rather than ‘on’ people. The project highlights most strongly the theme of silence. People’s experiences are hidden in plain sight of their families and communities – and they themselves are silenced by shame, stigma and fear. The first silence is victims own silence enforced through grooming, befriending, asserting power and control. There is also internalised guilt, shame and stigma which serves to keep victims’ silence.”

The exhibition is also about participants healing through telling their stories.

Everyone is welcome

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