What are you planning to do two weeks before your birthday this year?

Published: May 01, 2018

For many, Facebook has become a great way to remember friends’ and family birthdays and gives us the opportunity to wish them well on their special day.

 As well as the social media platform is a big deal for birthdays, it’s now become a big deal for charities. This year One in Four would like you to think about preparing for a birthday with a difference, in just a few easy clicks.

Facebook latest development has made it easier to dedicate your birthday to a charitable cause. One in Four has enrolled in its new fundraising programme. This means two weeks before your birthday you will get a notification on your Facebook to ask you to start a fundraiser for your birthday. If you decide to try it there are a few simple steps to take to set this up:

  • You can select “One in Four Ireland “ from the drop-down of charities
  • The amount of money you want to raise.
  • The date you want your fundraiser to end.
  • A title and description of your fundraiser.

 Facebook will do the rest sending a notification to all your friends that instead of presents this year you would like them to donate to One in Four.  

There is also the option at any time of the year to use Facebook to ask friends and family to donate towards a challenge or event you decide to do. Any support you need just email jryan@oneinfour.ie and we can help you with this or other ways to support our work.

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