17th June -24th June 2022

The Camino is the  famous  pilgrimage route through the northern Spanish countryside and end in one of the most beautiful European cities. 

Santiago is the famous location of the tomb of St James the Apostle. The city became as important as Rome and Jerusalem from mediaeval times and a cathedral was built over the site of the Tomb. Our itinerary gives us the opportunity to stay in the famous city both at the start of the trek and at the end..

The Finisterre Camino translates as the “edge of the world” and for many pilgrims they feel that their journey is only complete when they can walk no more. This is the only trail starting in Santiago de Compostela and takes pilgrims West to the stunning Atlantic coast of Galicia.

Day 1: Flight from Dublin- Santiago
Day 2: Stage 1: TSantiago - Negreira, 21 km
Day 3: Stage 2: Negreira - Maroñas, 20 km
Day 4: Stage 3: Maroñas – Olveiroa, 20km
Day 5: Stage 4: Olveiroa - Cee, 18 km
Day 6: Stage 5: Cee - Finisterre, 14Km
Day 7: Stage 6: Finisterre – Muxia (Optional) 30km
Day 8: Santiago - Dublin

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