When we get your support, you help us make things possible. Your fundraising helps create the opportunities that enable survivors to take decisions, and make changes that bring light into the darkest of places.

And sometimes, just getting started can be the biggest challenge………….for all of us. 

Martin Luther told us “we didn’t need to see the whole stair case we just needed to take the first step”.

And for a survivor of child sexual abuse the first step may be picking up the phone to ask for support.

It might be ringing the doorbell at Arran Quay and taking the first step into therapy.

Or it may be lacing up you walking boots or runners and taking your first step on a challenge 

Wherever you are, we are all part of #TeamOneinFour 

So fingers crossed, you can take part in one of our two exciting challenges .

Next month, on 23rd April we will be walking 20km in The Dublin Mountains 

And then in June we are back with The VHI Women’s Mini Marathon.

You don’t have to be fast, super fit, but your support would be super! ( we can help you with the fit part- just ask)