One in Four’s Virtual Balloon Race 

               Pink, Blue, Orange, Green, which colour will you choose? 

To celebrate the summer and our amazing supporters  we have teamed up with Eco Racing to launch a “Virtual Balloon Race."

Our new event is an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional balloon races. The virtual balloons are released at the same time, with live footage available of the balloons as they travel across the globe. The programme uses  real weather data to allow for realistic conditions for the races, meaning balloons can fly, burst and sink, just as real balloons would do but without having a negative impact on the environment and wildlife

The balloon to travel the furthest distance in seven days is the winning balloon.

We really appreciate all the support we have received since Lockdown started. We are really grateful for everyone who has donated to our appeal and set up fundraising pages. We have been able to replace some of the money we would have lost through your generosity, and it has made such a difference, thank you so so much. We are doing good but we are still really struggling with the increased demand for our services. We really need more support now to maintain our normal services. 

So we hope you can join us for this fun event by purchasing some balloons and  entering the race. Each Balloon cost Five Euros. You can even gift Balloons for friends and family.

The race will start on 8th August at 12pm. Lots of time to enter and help us deliver our services so we can help end the trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse. 

Click here to buy your Balloons