Donate by Post

For cheque, postal order or cash donations, please download this payment form and send to One in Four, 2 Holles St, Dublin 2. Thank you.

€9 the gift of listening
€24 the gift of action
€56 the gift of protection

Give those in need the gift of Support

Your donations will go directly towards funding psychotherapy services.

A gift of €50 will support one session. 

Gifts totalling less than €50 can help someone pay towards a much needed session



Make your donation go further!!

In Ireland, changes in the charity tax back scheme in 2013 mean that donations totalling €250 or more in a calendar year (or €21 a month) are potentially worth an additional 44.9% to the charity.

The refund can now be obtained on behalf of PAYE and Self-Assessed supporters. 

Once signed, the new enduring tax relief form lasts 5 years. This means you only need to fill the form out once every 5 years. This reduces our admin costs, allowing for greater impact in the work we do with Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

So if your annual donation amount is equal to €250 (or more), the tax back comes to €112.32. This makes the total value of your donation to One in Four €362.32 at no extra cost to you.

Not everybody who donates is aware of the tax back scheme. All of this is completely free for the person donating. It is incredibly simple - one signature.

One signature and you could be helping, even more, men and women to make the transition from surviving to living.

**Click here to access the CHY3 Charity Tax Back form**


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