2020 was set to be one of our best fundraising years to date. Unfortunately, we have have had to cancel all of our upcoming real life events, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun with virtual events.

This August we are hosting our very first Virtual Balloon Race!

How it works:

-Buy a virtual balloon for €5.00 – note: you will have to create a an account on the ecoracing website to purchase a balloon

-Customise your balloon, colour, shape, design.

-Select the rubber thickness and volume of helium.

-The balloons will be released on 8th August at 12 pm

-The balloon that travels the farthest over 7 days wins the race and wins the race and grabs the first prize. 

Virtual Balloon Races are great, eco-friendly fundraising events and we look forward to having as many of you join in as possible. 


Booking for this event has now closed.