Antoinette  Mc6

I want to be part of ending the trauma of child abuse that affects one in four people in Ireland so I'm raising money to help One in Four by walking at least 10 k each morning before 10 am for 10 days.“ For the past 13 years I have walked the Mini Marathon and the previous 2 years I have walked part of the Camino Way .Each in there own way have been an incredible experience which was made easier by having the support of my colleagues and friends of One in Four.So instead of sauntering aimless within the 2 k guidelines I now have a purpose to put those trainers on and walk. Our clients make a commitment to attend for their session each week no matter how much they dread it because some part deep inside of them they know it will help them.I want to honour the courage and commitment of our clients by raising some money to help One in Four carry on the work we are doing.

* If you are in a position to support my challenge please ensure you enter your Eircode when donating, Thank you *

Antoinette Mc6