So many of us sit in silence, living with and in the trauma. Others haven't even begun to realise what has happened to them. Others have been socialized in a belief system rooted in a patriarchy where you normalize violence, aggression, and physical, mental or sexual torture.

For many, consent is not understood. It can range from a vast array of anxious, strategic and even conditional consent.

For anyone beginning a journey of understanding their trauma, you are not alone.

The trauma of sexual abuse can last a lifetime.

We stand behind your strength and courage that you might hide. We stand behind your strength and courage in your voice. We stand behind your strength and courage for not giving up.

We stand with you.

If you are seeking help or need to talk, please contact:

One in Four
Call on: 01 662 4070
Email on: [email protected]
Send an enquiry:

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre
For support after sexual violence at any time, call 24hr National Helpline 1800 778 888

Women's Aid
National Freephone Helpline: 1800 341 900

Call on freephone: 1800 666666

Your Local Garda Station

A further list of recourses are available on:

Sarah McNally