As restrictions eased Isobel was planning to invite her grandchildren to her back garden, with the promise of presents for all the missed birthdays throughout the year.

Her phone rang, ……….. her tea cup dropped.

The hot tea flooded onto the table soaking into the freshly baked cake. It was the shock you see. From the news, Isobel had received.

Her daughter had called, ………and with a few words her life like the tea cup, had been left shattered.

Her granddaughter had been sexually abused.

History was repeating itself. And a generation later, it was happening again.

Isobel had swept it under the carpet………the thing that happened many years ago…….She had not thought her brother-in-law could do any more harm.

Isobel had saved One in Four’s number in her phone. She had thought of calling many times before. But now she knew she needed to get support. She left her details and that afternoon got a call to say both she and her daughter could join the next family support group.

Can you help us pick up the pieces of Isobel’s life?

We understand that the impact of sexual violence goes beyond the person who has experienced the abuse.

By donating €30 today you can help fund our Family Support Programme.

Your donation today can support Isobel and her daughter Gemma to talk about their challenges with other families and provide them with the tools and support to begin to deal with what has happened to them.

The impact of sexual violence is not something that fits into a neat box, its effects are complex. We will always try to incorporate what we know about trauma to help survivors. And with your help, we can be there for Isobel no matter how long it takes.

Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness. Never underestimate how much you can be part of making this happen.