One in Four professionally supports men and women who have experienced sexual abuse during childhood. Our aim is to reduce the incidence of sexual abuse by intervening in key areas of the cycle of abuse. We do this through psychotherapy, advocacy and prevention services. 


Why we exist

In Ireland research has shown that one in four children (27%) will experience sexual abuse before the age of 18. Despite well-publicised scandals and reports, many Irish people remain unable to respond to this problem.  We recognise that the effects of sexual abuse continue throughout a person’s life and also has an impact on their family, community and society as a whole.Our determined aim is to change this.

Statistics source material: SAVI Report,  The Murphy Report

Our vision

One in Four’s vision is an Irish society where children are safe from the threat of sexual abuse. We want Ireland to move from a society where one in four is sexually abused, to a society where nobody is abused.

Our ethos

One in Four gives voice to the people who have experienced sexual abuse and provides a space that by its very existence challenges feelings of shame, isolation and self-blame. The passion to protect the children of today drives us day to day.  We work closely with statutory child protection services.   

We draw on our clients’ experiences to engage with legislators and policymakers to ensure that legislation and public policy meets the needs of our clients. 


Our work

The aim of our client centred services is to bring people from surviving life to living life.From our Dublin offices, we support individuals, families and groups with expert and specialised psychotherapy.


One in Four’s team of skilled and knowledgeable advocates support people dealing with the practical aspects of the aftermath of abuse, e.g. accessing the criminal justice system and, child protection services. Our work in prevention covers campaigning, offender treatment and public awareness. Our team of psychotherapists works to protect children by running individual and group offender programmes.


Who we work with

Our service users are men and women who have experienced sexual abuse.  The context of the abuse is widespread as reflected by our 2016 therapy clients: familial (47%), clerical and institutional (11%), community, and professionals (11%), strangers (19%).


Charity History

One in Four was established as a charity in Ireland in 2003. Set up by Colm O’Gorman, it started out as a public voice for people abused in clerical and institutional settings and provided therapy. Since then, as more people have come forward for help the range of clients and the required services have expanded. In 2007 Maeve Lewis took over as Executive Director. We now run a wide range of therapy programmes (individual, group, family, couples and prevention treatment), and an increasingly busy advocacy service, often providing vital support during the criminal justice journey from initial reporting through to trial.


One in Four Ireland is a registered charity (CHY 15289, Charity Reg. No.: 20052393) and a Company Limited by Guarantee with offices in Dublin, Ireland. We comply with the ICTR's Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising SORP Accounting Procedures.  We are audited externally annually.

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