Can you imagine for a moment, what it would be like sitting in a car, outside Tesco’s, deciding to make a call that could change everything in your life?

You are about to tell someone, something, no living soul knows…. except “him”.

It’s taken thirteen years to try to make this call, now it’s only the fear holding you back.

Jim dials the number, he’s twenty-one, a centre forward for his county, with a beautiful new baby and a wonderful girlfriend.

He is surrounded by love but still he feels very alone, he feels guilty, he has carried the shame of what happened him around for thirteen years and finally he is ready to talk to someone.

But he is afraid, afraid to recall the past, to go back to that place he has tried so hard to bury. Afraid of the consequences of everyone knowing. 

Thankfully we were here to answer Jim’s call, to listen to him, to believe him, and to help him. But we couldn’t have done it without your generosity. That’s why I am writing to you today and why Jim wants to tell you his story.

But first we must ask you to please support us. 

We urgently need your help. Please donate today to One in Four

The lockdowns throughout the pandemic have caused a huge demand for our services. The self- isolation heightened feelings of anxiety, shame, loneliness, and depression for many survivors of sexual abuse. To meet the demand, we have relocated and can now deliver a much bigger programme.

Help us fulfil our potential and be there for the most vulnerable survivors.

Can you can make a donation of €25 to help a survivor like Jim begin to end the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

This is Jim’s story, in his own words:

“They say you should never meet your heroes………

I started playing football early, we all did, my brothers, cousins, we were known in the town as a big GAA family. It was in our blood.

 I lived and breathed it. I was big for my age and fast, so it wasn’t long before I was on the first team.

And that’s when I met him, he was the coach. You see he wasn’t just my hero he was like a living Saint in the town, he was responsible for creating so many football legends.

He even came to our house, talked to my parents about extra coaching, and away trips. He would look after me, take me under his wing, treat me like I was his own. My dad told me to listen to him, to do as he said.

He would make me stay on after practise, That’s when it started. The sexual abuse was frequent and lasted for many years. 

I stopped hanging out with my mates. Lost interest in school but I was never late for practise, I had to be there.”

Jim’s story is full of courage, but he needed your help to get this far. Your generosity makes our work possible.

Please do all that you can, to help us fulfil our potential to reach more survivors It makes such a difference……….

……………….as you will see from the rest of Jim’s story, life can become much better.

      “When my daughter was born it changed everything, I needed him to be stopped.

 It wouldn’t be long until she would be going to football practise in the same club. My daughter gave me the strength to speak up. One in Four gave me the voice to speak out.

One in Four believed me, they listened and didn’t judge. They give me the information and support I needed to make a statement to the Guards and for that I am really grateful.

I couldn’t have done it without them. I have started therapy now, things are getting better” 

Childhood sexual abuse effects every aspect of a person’s life. 

By accessing therapy survivors begin to talk about their experiences and the impact it has had on them, they can connect their present challenges to their past abuses and find pathways to a happier and healthier future.

The process can be quite long requiring up to three years of continuous therapy. The results are often profound, creating very positive impacts on the survivor's life.

With your help we can be there every step of the way. Today more than ever we need your support. 

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