One in Four is committed to ending the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. We aim to do this as efficiently as possible and to remain accountable to our donors, supporters and the clients we work with.

How our money is spent

Out of every one Euro we receive, 86.4 cents is spent directly on our Programmes that provide vital services to stop the cycle of abuse. 0.8 cent is spent Governing the organisation, and we spend the remaining  12.8 cent on funding to raise the next €.

Where we get our Funding

The Majority of our income, 67%, comes from Statutory Bodies. We earn 8% of our income from the provision of our services, but without public funding and donations of 25% of our income, we simply would not exist. The generosity of donors and supporters means we can transform lives today and protect the children of tomorrow.

Audited Account Statements

The value of your Support

Proper support takes time. A person receiving psychotherapy support may have a session every week for between one and two years. Advocacy support varies greatly from a once-off query to full caseload support over a year or two.

Time and money are also spent on research, campaigning and forming networks with relevant agencies and professionals that support change or client needs. 

Please donate today to enable us to continue our vital work