Liam's Story

One in Four helped me find my voice and now my family are safe. Read more

Virtual Balloon Race

To celebrate the summer and our amazing supporters  we have teamed up with Eco Racing to launch a “Virtual Balloon Race." Read more

A message we got yesterday

We received this message yesterday. It made our day so we thought we would share it to you . Read more

Our new therapist Aishling

I started my new role as a Psychotherapist in One and Four only a few weeks ago during this worldwide pandemic. Read more


The cancellation of our June events is a loss of over €40,000. We desperately need to try and make up this loss to ensure we can deliver of services. Read more

What Survivors Are Telling Us About the Lockdown

The entire population has to deal with new anxieties. But for Survivors, they also have to deal with the long term effects of childhood trauma. Read more

Kerry Supporting the Supporters

Every person that comes through our doors and shares their experience is taken seriously and listened to. Read more

Welcome to the world of a survivor of child sexual abuse.

To have one hour in their week when they don’t have to pretend that everything is OK Read more

Philip's Story

I have come through very hard times, times that can never be replaced or forgotten but I have survived. Read more

Tom's Story

"The shame I had been carrying around, wasn’t mine, I hadn’t done anything wrong, I wasn’t to blame." Read more

Frank Dunleavy

Disclosing sexual abuse is a complex decision for survivors to make which often takes a long time to process and is neither easy nor straightforward to report . Read more

A message from Julie our Clinical Director

In these times, a familiar voice has real potential to ground us and remind us that, right now, we are safe. We are here, call us. Read more