Our Story

One in Four's vision is an Irish Society where children are safe from the threat of Sexual harm.

One in Four opened its doors in 2003 to provide professional support to men and women who had experienced childhood sexual abuse.  Many of the original clients were survivors of clerical and institutional sexual abuse. As the service developed, people who had been abused in many different contexts also sought our support.  Today, most clients have been sexually abused by members of their own families and by people they know in their communities.

The range of services has developed in response to changing client needs.  We provide professional counselling and advocacy services to adult survivors and to their families.  We also provide a sex offender intervention programme as we see this as a crucial child protection factor.  

We have developed extensive experience and skills in working with our clients and are in demand to provide training to other organisations and professionals.  We regularly speak about our work at international conferences.


Our Mission

One in Four is working towards a society where children are free from sexual harm. Our aim is to reduce the incidence of sexual abuse by intervening in the key areas of the cycle of abuse. We do this through psychotherapy, advocacy, and prevention services. In Ireland, research has shown that one in four people will experience sexual violence. Our aim is to change this.

One in four people in Ireland experience sexual abuse. It might be you, someone you care about or someone you're friends with.

Our expert services are available for those in need. You can learn how others have been helped by One in Four.  Or you can find out how you can help us. 

**** One In Four's 2016 Annual Report is now available to download here. ****

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