Why come to One in Four?

At One in Four we provide a safe place for men and women to explore the impact childhood sexual abuse has had on their lives. We can do this in a number of ways:

  1. Our warm and empathetic psychotherapists provide support and guidance to survivors experiencing a range of issues, helping them through the therapeutic journey to recovery.

  2. Our skilled and knowledgeable advocacy case managers provide practical information and assistance to survivors engaging with Tusla - the Child and Family Agency, and criminal and civil legal processes.

  3. We recognise the importance of supporting families when a disclosure of sexual abuse is made, and can offer assistance in a number of ways, including therapeutic intervention through our Prevention Programme.

  4. And, finally, we aim to break the cycle of sexual abuse by providing individuals who exhibit sexually harmful behaviour towards children the opportunity to part take in our world-renowned intervention programme.

For One in Four the world will be a better place when children are safe from sexual harm. We understand the distress caused by childhood sexual abuse, and all the ways in which that experience can contaminate a person’s life long after the abuse has stopped.

We are working hard to end the trauma of childhood sexual abuse - it is at the very heart of what we do. With skilled professional help, we know that people can overcome the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and move on to live life to the fullest.