The Executive Director is responsible for the day to day management of the organisation and reports to the Board of Directors. The Executive Director, along with the management team comprising of Advocacy Director, Clinical Director, Head of Fundraising, and Head of Business Services, is tasked with ensuring that the objectives and priorities of the Strategic Plan are achieved.

The Board meets 7 times a year. The Board members of One in Four are:

David Holohan, Chairperson

David Kutner Secretary

Helen Bunbury, Treasurer

Tina Maguire

Dr. Joe Mooney

Jillian van Turnhout

David Kutner

Denise Lloyd

Lynsey Perdisatt

The board has 2 subcommittees:

The Audit, Risk and Finance Sub-committee: David Kutner, Donal Cronin, Helen Bunbury , Maeve Lewis ,and Deirdre Mackay

The Governance Sub-committee: Tina Maguire, Jillian van Turnhout, Joe Mooney , Maeve Lewis, Deirdre Mackay and Kerry McCormack

We are proud to say we abide by best practice in the management of our organisation. Click here to take a look at our Governance Code.

We take the safeguarding of children very seriously. Click here to view our statement on child safeguarding.

If you are a Client of One in Four and would like to make a Complaint Click here to see our Complaints Policy.