"Every time I closed my eyes, the terrifying scene would play over and over"

I am Mandy, and on the surface you would think I had everything

Good career: C:\Users\John Ryan\Downloads\black-check-tick-icon-4.png

Nice house: C:\Users\John Ryan\Downloads\black-check-tick-icon-4.png

Loving partner: C:\Users\John Ryan\Downloads\black-check-tick-icon-4.png

But for almost 2 decades I lived a waking nightmare. My life was stuck on repeat, stuck on a terrifying and grotesque memory from 20 years ago, when I was 9 years old.

To explain. Let’s press pause, and rewind. My childhood:

Good at school: C:\Users\John Ryan\Downloads\black-check-tick-icon-4.png

Lots of friends; C:\Users\John Ryan\Downloads\black-check-tick-icon-4.png

Loving family: C:\Users\John Ryan\Downloads\black-check-tick-icon-4.png- well almost 

You see, I was sexually abused by my step dad and his brother, from when I was 7 until I was 15 years old.

My university years were spent self-medicating. Fuelled by drink and drugs, I used my hectic social life to block out the pain, the recurring memories. My waking hours were populated by panic attacks; I was incapable of emotional intimacy. I didn’t make it past my 2nd year at Uni. And then, I was back home, sleeping again in the room my abuse had happened in. Without the structures of University, I sank into a deep depression. I blamed myself for everything that had happened. It started to feel like it would be easier if I wasn’t around anymore.

I had turned so many people against me, but my sister just wouldn’t stop loving me. She helped me get sober, fed me, put a roof over my head and helped me access the support that completely changed my life. My sister gave me back stability, and when I phoned One in Four they gave me back my life. It didn’t happen overnight; I had to work at it.

But fast forward: after 2 years of therapy, I am sleeping, working, smiling. My therapist has helped me so much. I have started to live in the present, to trust, to love. Exercise has become so important to me now, I feel at peace when I am hiking. In the mountains, close to nature, I can recharge. 

Through therapy I began to realise I was just a child when the abuse happened; none of it was my fault. My stepdad robbed me of my childhood, but One in Four gave me my future. 

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