Yoga Supports One in Four

Petar Dukic

I'm raising money to help One in Four by hosting a Yoga Fundraiser. The main principle of yoga philosophy is ahimsa which from Sanskrit could be translated either as non violence or non harming. Therefore the goal yoga is to give as coping mechanisms in transforming our daily life's no matter did we experienced any type of abuse either verbal or bodily. Therefore, we decided to support One in Four work to provide services to those of us ho haven't been so lucky to live

Ring of Kerry

Leon Carbery

Hi Leon Carbery here I'm raising money to help One in Four by taking part in the 170km Ring of Kerry Cycle

Crisis Appeal-Cross Trainer Marathon

David Kutner

I'm raising money to help One in Four. The organisation provides vital services & help to the community.

100k in May

Naomi Gould

Hey Guys,

I am doing a running challenge of 100k in May 2020 to raise some much needed funds for One in Four. As a non-runner, it is certainly going to be a (ridiculously/hilariously) hard challenge so please help out if you can.
Whilst One in Four receive partial government funding, we still have to raise €400,000 a year from the public to deliver our services. Unfortunately because of Covid-19, all our planned fundraising events have been cancelled and donations have dramatically

SilverCloud's Space Race

SilverCloud Health

Please support Silvercloud's Space Race! We're raising funds to help our charity of the year, One in Four,

Maeve's 100k Walk

Maeve Lewis

I'm raising money to help One in Four by walking a 100k

100k for 1 in 4

Louise OShea

One in four saved my life in my mid 20s and I feel compelled to give back and support the organisation who supported me

Help end the trauma of child abuse

Unverified User

Children need our help at these unprecedented times

100 k ,10k for 10 days before 10 am each morning.

Antoinette Mc6

I'm raising money to help One in Four by taking part in 100 k your way challenge

Virtual Home Tennis Challenge

Rob Cherry

* Please ensure you enter your Eircode when donating * I'm raising money to help One in Four continue to keep delivering their services during the Covid-19 Crisis. I want 100 people to join me online for the Tennis Keepy Up Challenge. After you donate, your email address will be used to invite you to the Zoom meeting.

Stu & Tra's Camino 2020


We are raising money for the charity One in Four ( they support survivors of sexual violence and child abuse, which affects one in four people in Ireland )

Jonathan's 50k your way challenge

Jonathan Dillon

I feel it is a good charity and a great cause.