My name’s Antoinette and I have been a therapist at One in Four for the past 15 years. I feel privileged to do this work and wanted to write to you to share our plans and explain how you can be part of them.

I want to be honest with you, I’m going to ask you to set up a regular donation to One in Four. 

I’m a therapist, not a professional fundraiser. Like almost everyone, I hate asking for money. But I really believe in the work we do, and I need to ask, because we need more people to set up a regular donation so we can scale up our work to help more survivors.

I want to thank you as well because each time we write to you and ask for your support, you are there for us. It takes time to deal with the deep trauma caused by childhood sexual abuse. It’s not a quick fix, we give people the time it takes in therapy and your support means we can do this. 

If you can afford to, please will you donate a few Euros a month to One in Four? It’ll mean you’ll be standing alongside me and hundreds of others working towards an Ireland where children are free from sexual harm.

€10 a month donation will provide 2 hours of therapy

€21 a month enables us to claim the tax on your annual donation and will provide 5 hours of therapy

I know the last year has been incredibly tough for all of us. The pandemic meant we couldn't work face to face with our clients, but we have continued to do our sessions on Zoom. Lockdown has been so tough for survivors, stuck at home with the thoughts of their abuse in childhood invading their lives more and more.

Every working day, I speak to survivors of abuse. I do my best, but I know that for every call we answer, there are so many more people who need our help. We want to be there for each and everyone of them. But that can only happen if more people sign up for a regular donation. 

I’m sorry to ask for money at such a difficult time - but needs must. 

Set up a regular gift today