Always wanted to learn a musical instrument but just really had the time? Now is your chance !  Dust off that guitar you got for your birthday, the keyboard the kids have in the spare room  

Stuck for an instrument, you could always learn some of those songs you would love to know for family parties, like " On Raglan Road " of " The Foggy Dew". 

There are a lot of online tutorials you can use. You can even have the target to pass your grade one. You can set a timeframe, Maybe 1 month to learn the 5 songs or 6 months to get your grade one. 

Set up a Fundraising page and share it with friends and family along with updates and maybe even a live Facetime when you have met a milestone ! 

They say Practising is the best Tutor, you might even write your own song " We're in this Together " or a virtual band The Lockdown Blues Brothers "