I love Percy Pigs, even better since M&S made the vegan ones. 

I’m Jack, a free-lance designer based in Dublin. 

I’m originally from Cork. My Grandpa owned a corner store.

I was thrilled to get a summer job there . An endless supply of all things sugary. And the promise of anything I wanted, as long I kept our little secret.

It took me 12 years to ever eat a sweet again. 

I started therapy in my 2nd year of college. I always say my Graduation was like a practice run for finishing therapy. That was the proudest day of my life. University helped me get a degree but One in Four helped me find my voice. 

Now my family and the kids where I grew up are safer.

Our brains are wired for connection, but Trauma rewires them for protection. For most of my life I felt wounded, and a healthy relationship was something I never thought I could have. 

I have a partner now, we go sea swimming, and eat pizza. She makes me laugh. 

It wasn’t easy getting to where I am now. The guilt and shame still surfaces sometimes, but it doesn’t cripple me anymore, it’s under control. With the help of my therapist I found a pathway to a healthy lifestyle. 

I wish there was a One in Four on every corner of every street in Ireland. But until then for every person on every street in Ireland please know One in Four is there for you.