It started when I was really young, so young I can't really remember exactly. But at night time, as far back as I can remember I’d be lying in bed trying to fall asleep and my mind would wander. I’d get snagged on something that didn’t fit in, like a wrong puzzle piece mixed into the puzzle. Then, when I would direct my attention to it, it felt as if I had just been stung, like by a bee and my whole body would tighten up.

Not easy when you’re 7.

The abuse started again in my teens, by the same person, but this time I remembered every single thing. Over and over again.

My teens were hellish because whatever my brain had done to protect me as a child just stopped working, and everything started to flood back in. 

The trauma caused by the abuse doesn’t stop when the abuse stops. It seeps into every part of your life, affecting relationships, work, family life, and to deal with it, you need support. 

Step by step, session by session, One in Four has been able to help me. They have helped me overcome the guilt, the shame, and find pathways to deal with things. There are still ups and downs but I am coping well. I look forward to things now, things really are ok.