My story in 7 words

1. Space 

I didn't know this existed…. this space in my head, where good thoughts could flood in and bring a smile to my face.

2. Eyes

When I was a kid my mum used to say my eyes lit up the room. She was a good woman. She was abused by him as well. By her husband, my father, he did everything to dull my life, I am here in spite of him. My story is here to light up the world, to show that the darkness and shame can go away.  

3. Island 

If I had to describe myself as a place, I would say I was an Island. An island that has a lot of personality. A place people want to visit. But I am remote. I have spent a lifetime making sure few people couldn’t navigate their way to reach me, I couldn’t let them stay too long. 

4. Medicine 

My mum used to say a healthy person wishes for many things, while a sick person only wishes for one thing: their health. My sickness was invisible, the trauma from child abuse created guilt and shame and no one really knew, no one really understood. My medicine was talking, by going to therapy I healed myself.

5. Tuesday

I would get the Luas to Smithfield, walk down the cobbled street onto Arran Quay and meet my therapist at One in Four. I did this every other Tuesday for 18 months. She was a constant. She held me up when I was down, sat with me in my darkest moments, showed me I could eventually look forward, and that it was ok to be happy.

6. You 

There’s one person in One in Four I have never met. That’s you! I know all this work is happening because you have been there to support me and all the other survivors. Well just so you know, your donations have helped me transform my life. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it, it’s working. 

7. Gratitude 

The commitment my therapist showed me changed the way I looked at my life. I wanted to give something back and decided that a monthly donation to One in Four was a good way to show my gratitude. I have begun to encourage friends and family to do the same, it helps a lot.