This week Maeve Lewis joined The Kavanagh Sisters for the latest episode of their series of podcasts. 

Joyce, June and Paula Kavanagh are survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), who, in 1992, took part in RTÉ's documentary series entitles "Tuesday File, Silent Scream", speaking openly about their experiences with CSA at the hands of their father. This was the first time that RTÉ aired a documentary of it's kind without blurring the faces and distorting the voices of the interviewees involved. 

The sisters have since worked tirelessly to inspire others to realise that "Childhood Sexual Abuse no longer needs to be a life sentence. And that armed with the right information victims can and do heal from this horrendous crime." 

In this week's episode of their weekly podcast, Maeve joins them to discuss everything from One in Four, the work we do to Túsla, mandatory reporting and the criminal court system. 

Maeve explains the services we provide here in depth and the three sisters discuss the impact that engaging in therapy had on their own personal lives, highlighting especially the importance of partners, family and friends brought in on it and educated. 

Listen to the whole episode here