My cousin was like a big sister to me, we lived on the same street. She got married young. It was her husband who started abusing me: One big family, eh? Yeah, that’s what everyone used to say, I remember him saying it a lot.

My cousin had a baby. So after a while, they needed a babysitter. He puts lots of effort into me staying over, and that’s when it all started, Just a few weeks before my 14th birthday. He seemed so kind, so helpful, but he tricked me. I told him he couldn’t do it, he told me he would tell everyone, and my cousin would never speak to me again. I just felt helpless.

One of the hardest things now is being with all my family, and having to be in a room with him. I did confront him. I told my best friend, my cousin, but she said you’re a liar” “it was horseplay” and it was never mentioned again after that.

The abuse started a volcano of pain that would comes up and goes down, but it never goes away.

Group therapy took me a long long time to take part in. But eventually, I started. As a teenager I had no trust, in anyone, it’s got better as I have grown up, I suppose because of the counseling I received at One in Four this has changed and I feel more positive about the future.

He took my teenage years, but he wouldn't take my twenties from me. If I had to give other people advice I would say " to anyone who is looking for help, there is no better place to come to than One In Four."