Standing in front of my class each day, looking into their little faces. It was like looking into the future, and was my motivation to get help, so I could look forward too.

Mary is 31. She was sexually abused by her father from age 6 – 11.

“People thought because I had a good job and nice house that I was doing great, I really wasn’t. I
was having panic attacks and had been struggling with Bulimia for years.

My family always called me the “ career girl” but the truth was I was terrified of intimacy. I had
never had a long term relationship.

It was only when Mary went to One in Four for Therapy that she made the connection between her
distress and what had happened as a child.

Over two and a half years in therapy, Mary was able to face what had happened to her as a child. As
she confronted her fear of her father, the panic attacks subsided. She began to understand the
purpose of her bulimia.

I was able to stop the vomiting and purging when I realised I was doing it to
try sooth my anger and distress.I found better ways to cope , and have started to feel much better about myself.

Through therapy Mary was able to set boundaries and move at a pace that suited her.You can help us continue their life-changing work and help more people like Mary by donating

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