My name is Cassidy. I am from Colorado and have spent the last two months interning at One in Four. I am going to be a senior at the University of Kansas this fall and plan to graduate in May 2020 with a major in psychology and a business minor. After that I wish to attend law school and hopefully become a forensic psychologist. 

I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to intern at One in Four this summer. Studying abroad these last eight weeks in Dublin have allowed me countless experiences that will help me in so many ways. I was matched to One in Four through EUSA and they couldn’t have picked a better place for me. 

    At One in Four, I was able to gain skills and knowledge about not just one field but was involved with and learned from many different teams that work cohesively to run this great organization and change the lives of so many. 

    My time here has flown by and I wish that I could stay longer. Most of my time was spent with the fundraising team.  John taught me so much:  I was able to assist with collecting donation prizes for a fundraising table quiz event, as well as help research ways to fundraise and new opportunities. My fellow intern, Jenny, and I were also able to help with the new website that launched during my time here! One of my favorite projects was looking at the photovoice project and research and helping to gain funds so that it can expand to involve a video component. I really enjoyed looking at past projects, such as the old website and the photovoice project, and being a part of the evolution and change seeing first hand how this organization is growing. Working with and learning about past projects helped me to really see the work that has been done here and working on fundraising helped me to see the direction they are headed!

    One of the many great things about One in Four is that there are many departments that support one another. This gave me the chance to speak with members of the advocacy and clinical teams which offered different perspectives and showed me the range of impact that One in Four has. In the advocacy department, Damien met with my fellow intern, Jenny, and myself and explained what advocacy does. Again, I wish my time here was longer, but Damien gave me additional resources that I am taking back with me so that I can continue to learn and ask questions. Everyone is eager to share their passion and made me feel heard and encouraged my questions and made me even more confident that this is the field that I wish to go into.

    Another department I was able to interact with the clinical team. As a psychology major the psychotherapists and their work was inspiring to me. Simply being in their office and talking with them was so beneficial for me. Before I came here, I thought that I wanted to work in a similar field but as a forensic psychologist, but I had never had any first hand experience or chances to ask questions about what it is really like to work in a similar place. After being here, I now know that this is what I wish to pursue. Without their guidance, passion, and encouragement to ask questions and learn more, I do not know if I would be so certain that this is what I would like to do. Antoinette was the first person I met on the clinical team, we first met for an hour and a half and it flew by. 

    I loved meeting so many people here, just chatting about my time here, recommendations on places to go or things to see. I enjoyed all of it. Everyone at One in Four was so welcoming, from my first day I was comfortable and I loved my work and all my interactions. Although I did not mention every activity or everyone I was fortunate enough to have spent time with, I hope that they all know how much I appreciate their support, kindness, and all of the things they have taught me.

    The work that goes on at One if Four is so important for many reasons. I have been able to interact with and observe, learn from, and talk to so many of the amazing staff here. Their passion for their work and this cause is so evident in everything that they do. They welcomed me with open arms and immediately made me feel like I was an important part of what they do and they provided so many chances for me to grow and learn. I am so proud to have been a part of this organization. I will remember my time here and use the skills and knowledge in so many ways. 

    I am grateful for the opportunity I had here. Thank you to everyone at One in Four!