Many people who have been sexually abused as a child struggle all their lives with depression, anxiety, shame and loneliness. The self- isolation we are all experiencing during the coronavirus pandemic can heighten many of these feelings. 

At One in Four we are very worried about survivors, especially those who have not engaged with expert services.  Suicide rates are high for survivors of sexual abuse, so this is a matter of life and death.

Our counsellors and advocacy officers are all now confined to their homes but are working very hard to stay in touch with our clients through on-line sessions and phone counselling.  We are also keeping in touch with the many, many people who are on our waiting list.  We hope this will support people through this exceptionally difficult time.

 We are really struggling to meet the increased demand .

While we receive government funding, we have to raise €400,000 a year to deliver our services.  All our fundraising events are cancelled and donations have slowed to a trickle.  A big thank you to everybody who has supported us, but sadly, this is not enough. 

My biggest nightmare is that we will have to let go dedicated and experienced staff.  This would mean that we could not hope to provide our normal level of services, putting some of our client’s lives in danger.

 I know this is a tough time financially for many people who have lost their jobs, but I am appealing to you for a donation, however small to allow us to continue to support our vulnerable clients. Thank you.

Hear what Naomi, one of our advocacy officers, has to say about it below:

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