Protecting Children

Protecting children from sexual harm is at the core of all our activities at One in Four.  We are committed to remaining fully compliant with the relevant legislation: The Children First Act (2015) and The Criminal Justice (Withholding of Information) Act 2012.  We are a prescribed organisation under the terms of the 2012 Act.  We also strive to remain compliant with the Children First National Guidance 2017.

Arranging and monitoring compliance with national policy and legislation is ultimately the responsibility of the Board of Directors of One in Four.  This responsibility has been derogated to the Executive Director who has appointed the Director of Advocacy as One in Four’s Child Safeguarding Officer.

Assessment of Risk

All our clients have been directly or indirectly affected by childhood sexual abuse. As adults, they themselves are no longer at risk.  However, we believe that even if the sexual abuse took place some years ago, the alleged perpetrator may still pose a risk to a new generation of children.

It is our policy that all allegations received from our clients are notified to Tusla child protection teams.  As all our clients are adults, most of these allegations concern retrospective accounts of child sexual abuse. 

For sex offenders attending the Phoenix Programme, all allegations are notified to Tusla child protection services and to the Garda Superintendent in the area in which the offender lives.

Child Safeguarding Officer Contact Details:

Deirdre Kenny

Director of Advocacy

35-36 Arran Quay,

Dublin 7,

D07 E221

[email protected]    01 6624070