Fun Fundraising Ideas!

Choosing the right fundraising idea, one that suits you, will really help your event be a success. Hopefully, our list here will give you some idea of what’s possible! Setting up an online fundraising page is an easy way to share and promote your events, and helps fundraise in a safe and secure way. We like to use Everyday Hero.

The event: 10,000 Steps Challenge
How it raises money: Sponsorships
The idea: Team members pledge to walk 10,000 steps a day over a certain time frame (often over a week or month) in exchange for sponsorships. If this is your first time organising a fundraising event, this is an easy enough one to start with, and there are plenty of free apps that count the steps every day.

The event: Book Swap or Clothes Swap
How it raises money: Entry fee and maybe a raffle
The idea: Charge a small amount for entry, get friends to bring a potluck, and even hold a raffle. You will need lots of good quality, pre-loved clothes, so involve friends, family, and neighbours who can donate.
Talk to your local library about resources they have to assist you with your book swap, or ask local fashion stores to donate vouchers or clothes.
You will need lots of hangers and clothes rails. See if local shops could help, and ask friends and family to get involved. Pick a central location with lots of space, such as a community hall or even a function room in your local bar.

The event: Car Boot Sale
How it raises money: Selling space for each car (a suggested fee for each car could be €10.)
The idea: Everyone has a cupboard or garage full of things that they need to get rid of, so urge your community to bust out their old lawn mowers, clothes, and furniture and give to a good cause. After securing space, ask sellers to reserve booths ahead of time, therefore you know how many volunteers and other resources you’ll need on the day of the sale.

The event: Movie Night
How it raises money:  Entry fee, popcorn and ice- cream sales.
The idea: To minimize your expenses, ask local businesses to sponsor the event and cover the cost of food. Your living room may be the ideal cinema, but if not, try or a local hall or pub.

The event: Board Game Tournament
How it raises money: €5 entry fee
The idea: Teams of people compete together during a board game tournament. Ask local businesses or supports to donate prizes for tournament winners.

The event: Chili Cook-off
How It Raises Money: Entry Fee
The idea: Organise a team-based chilli cook-off. This fundraiser works great in workplaces, so encourage your colleagues to get involved. Maybe do a veggie option and chilli eating contest as part of it! Don’t forget to gather some small prizes for winners, and takeaway pots for leftovers.

The event: Car Wash
How it raises money:  €5 per car
The idea: You will need lots of water! Consider advertising a suggested donation, you might get more -  people love getting their car cleaned.

The event: Ice cream Party!
How it raises money: General sale
The idea: In the heat of the summer (or the warmth of a winter fire) ice cream always makes sense! Host an ice cream social to bring people together and raise money. Don’t worry about going crazy with ice cream flavours, most people will be happy with vanilla and chocolate. However, don’t skimp on those sprinkles, cherries, and other toppings - the kids will love you for it!