It starts the day we take down the decorations.

The day the colourful strings of light that brightened our homes even on the starkest of winter nights are switched off. And the cherished decorations are wrapped in paper along with another year of memories and stored away.

Louise looked forward to this day. Because this was the day when Christmas was over.

She wished Christmas had never happened, that each year would go by without Santa, without Carols,  without the abuse she suffered each year as a child.

She wished for a year when there were no family presents, no mince pies, no violence or threats. None of the lasting trauma that formed most of her life.

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Christmas meant family, and for Louise that meant her uncle staying with them. For 30 years she had relived the events. They had affected every part of her life, her relationships, her work , her happiness.

She was depressed, anxious and full of shame. But things changed. They changed two and a half years ago when she made the call to One in Four.

One in Four became her rock, her one safe place. Therapy helped her become more accepting of herself, and over time the abuse she had suffered became a smaller part of her life.

She wasn’t just existing, she was living again. Each day survivors like Louise call One in Four. For us to continue to help them we need your support.

Please donate today to help survivors like Louise.

If you can help one survivor this Christmas we can change a whole family’s life.

We understand Christmas can be a very difficult time for families. We are here to help.  Please call us on 01 662 4070 or email us [email protected]