One in Four receives IHREC grant to launch Sexual Abuse Victim/Survivor Focus Group


One in Four are delighted to announce they are a recipient of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, Grant scheme ‘Access to Rights and Justice 2020’. The theme of the Human Rights and Equality Scheme 2020 is empowering people who face the greatest barriers to justice and to access their rights.

One in Four’s grant awarded project will create a forum of victims/survivors of childhood sexual abuse in Ireland. This focus group will give participants the opportunity to share their experience of the criminal justice system, whilst also providing a platform to influence legislation and policy development.

The One in Four focus group is aimed at victims and survivors of childhood sexual abuse in Ireland who have engaged with the Irish Justice System and Child Protection System at any point in the process; from initial Gardaí statements that did not proceed any further, to those whose case went to trial, those who case ended in a guilty plea, a guilty verdict, a not guilty verdict, an appeal. A case does not need to have been in court, the participants’ experience of the process is valid.

One in Four is determined that any future developments in legislation or policy are informed by the voices and experiences of those who have been affected by the justice process therefore it is hoped that the valuable insight and expertise shared by the focus group participants will be compiled into a publishable recommendation report.


The focus group will be made up of diverse victims/survivors from all over the country who have engaged at any level with the criminal justice system and child protection system in Ireland. The forum will be established in the coming months and aims to begin convening in early 2021. One in Four understand that every person has different needs, schedules and capabilities, so there will be different ways to be involved.


One in Four encourages any victim/survivor who wishes to engage with the focus group to get in touch at [email protected]