To celebrate our amazing supports we have created a new challenge that reflects who we are and who you are.

 One in Four for One in Four gives you the opportunity to choose any one of our 4 challenges, hiking, swimming cycling or running : and do “ One in Four” your way :  join a group of 4 friends, run 4 km a day for a month  ,do a 400 miles cycle, maybe even Run, cycle and swim, whatever works for you. 

So its time Clip on your helmet, jump into your trunks , lace up your boots , and make this summer really special. Get some fresh air, keep fit and do something very special for survivors of child abuse. 

Now more than ever we need your support, Your support is our anchor in through this really turbulent  time. We have really struggled over the last few months with so many of our big fundraising events cancelled, your support will make such a difference. . When you support us , you enable us to support  the survivors  who really need our help.

So start planning today.

You can set up a fundraising page on Facebook or on our website 

We would love to hear about your ideas and if we can help you plase get in touch so we can give you  more support . Give John a call on  087 174 8198  or send us an email  [email protected]  .