I had my appointment at 3 o clock and made it there in good time. I was early, really early, when I got off the Luis I still had about an hour to spare before my appointment.  As I walked up the road, I thought about a coffee. Truth was, I was too nervous to sit and drink it, so  I thought if I found the building I could relax and I did find it handy enough. But for the next 45 minutes, I walked round and round the block. Just couldn’t get up the courage to ring the doorbell and go into One in Four.

Seems silly now, but I nearly jumped back on the train. So glad I didn’t, you see I was worried, I suppose entering the building was in some way the first time I told the world I had been sexually abused as a child. That this is me, Sharon abused by my father at 9 years of age.

But how wrong I was, the receptionist let me in. Her warm smile and soft voice just made me relax, we joked about the good weather and she asked me if I wanted a cuppa. It was so ...…normal. It was so relaxing. I visited One in Four regularly for the next 6 months. Everyone was so kind, and thoughtful.

The sessions were tough at times, revisiting the things that had ruined my childhood and led to the trauma that ruined by adolescence. My Therapist at One in Four helped me so so much. She was always there for me, guiding me to connect my past with my present challenges.  The abuse created Trauma that was buried in everything I had done, therapy helped so much.

I often think back at the me who walked round and round the block worried about what was to come. Like a nine-year-old child, worried about what would happen to them. Things have changed for the better, I took charge, I am sleeping better, enjoying things better. I know it’s a new decade, I am just planning to take each day as it comes. Glad to be where I am now in the present.