Hello from the reception desk at One in Four’s office on Arran Quay, Dublin!

I'm Ann Marie and I've welcomed so many wonderful people to One in Four's offices for nearly 18 years. When anyone walks through the door, I’m the first face they see –and this is an incredible privilege for me.

You see, it takes enormous bravery to visit us. People can spend months, or even years, summoning up the courage. Often, they’re fearful of unlocking terrible memories. It’s totally understandable that they’re wary of reliving the worst experiences.

Many hoped time would make everything better. But it didn’t... So they took a huge step. They contacted One in Four – and finally walked through the door.


My aim always is to give them an immediate sense this was the best decision they ever made. Hopefully, after they’ve spent time with us, they’ll know this for sure.

But why am I telling you all this?

It’s simply because we need to keep our door open. We need to keep welcoming people after they’ve made one of the bravest decisions of their lives.

And above all else, we need to keep our promise that we will continue listening to them.


Once – not so long ago – doors were firmly shut in the face of people who had experienced childhood abuse. Few would listen to, or believe them.

Thankfully, this has changed. Services like One in Four now help people heal – and for hundreds in recent years, this experience started when they opened our door and said hello to me.

That’s why I’m so passionate about keeping our door open and welcoming them.


People affected by abuse turn to One in Four for compassion and healing.

We, in turn, are reaching out to you for something far simpler. We are asking you to give whatever you can to help us keep our door open, and reduce our waiting lists. Every donation makes a difference.

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