We got a really nice message from one of the staff in Trinity last month in reference to our Breaking the Silence campaign.

Our messaging had really struck a chord with them. They said, “ When we look at what one-in-four means for a community the size of Trinity, with over 20,000 students and over 3,000 staff, the reality of one-in-four becomes quite stark.”

As part of The Inclusive Trinity Festival, The Faculty of Health Sciences have decided to host a webinar as a way to raise awareness of the impact of childhood sexual abuse and trauma, to shine a light on a topic that is often not talked about because it is so difficult, and to help to break the silence for the victims.

Most importantly, this webinar attempts to demonstrate support for every member of The Trinity community who may have been impacted by abuse and its ongoing legacy and to support the work of One-in-Four in this space.

The event will be run in conjunction with One in Four and the Trinity Student Counselling Service. The webinar is free and everyone is welcome  1-2 pm next Thursday 20th October.

It will be hosted by Professor Brendan Kelly, Professor of Psychiatry, and will include panelists Maeve Lewis, CEO of One-in-Four, Dr. Simon Mc Carthy-Jones, Associate Professor (Psychiatry), and Trish Murphy, Director of the Trinity Student Counselling Service.

 Register for this Webinar

 Register for this Webinar