Daniel always seems to be in a good mood when he arrives for therapy.
He smiles and searches his therapist’s expression for any sign of anger or disapproval. Daniel was taught to please others and desperately tries to hide his true self under a compliant and engaging demeanour.
The lonely child of a mother struggling with mental health problems, he was groomed by a Scout leader. Daniel cannot recall a time when he didn’t feel shame. He feels disgust at his own body and hurts himself. Therapy has helped Daniel feel sadness for the lost child he was and face the pain of recognising that he was helpless.
He has begun to feel empathy for himself and everything he lost. He says he feels unburdened, even relieved, when he looks in the mirror and sees a kind face and open expression looking back.  

Countless other people in Ireland can tell a story similar to Daniel’s. One in Four can’t change the past – but with your support, we can help transform their present and future.
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