In May 2020 a group of incredible supporters will lace up their walking boots and walk  The Camino de Santiago. This will be the third year in a row we have orgainsed the challenge. It has proved to be an incredible experience for the walkers, who can immerse themselves in the wonders of the Spanish countryside, and at the same time, raise funds for the provision of our services here in One in Four.

We got chatting to our Clinical team leader this week Antoinette, who has taken part in both of the previous walks. We wanted to know what motivated her to sign up again for the challenge and what she was looking forward to.

She explained,” Well I suppose it’s a good motivation come the New Year to get out and start walking, a healthy start to 2020. And then when we go to Spain ; it’s time for me, to be together with nature, to slow down, to take some time away and not have to think about anything else. The way the trip is organised is great. Our bags are taken ahead each day, we know how far we have to walk, and sometimes we walk as a group or other times we walk by ourselves.”

Antoinette added that the stand out moment of the whole experience has to be “the thrill when you finish it, that you’ve actually completed so many kilometres” as well as meeting new people. The participants are from all walks of life, we have the common bond of wanting to help One in Four and “that helps bring added valued to our time together.”

“As well as the group from One in Four, you would bump into other walkers each day, so after a few days the faces become very familiar. Everyone is so friendly, and each with their own story, their own reason for walking. “

“The countryside is incredible; we have done a different route each year. This year we are walking to the coast to Finnesterre. I really want to explore the small towns and places we stay this year. You feel like your walking somewhere special, the history is fascinating”.

Antoinette has helped raise a lot of money by taking part in the challenges, we asked her how she got on. “I think having a plan, and getting the help of friends and family is important. A friend did a wine and cheese night for me and another helped me organise bag pack. The bag pack went really well so I am hoping to ask my local SuperValu this time around. I am hoping to get started now before Christmas when everyone is feeling generous. “

If you would like to join Antoinette on the Camino in May 2020 get in touch with Eva who can send you all the information  [email protected]

You can download the Camino de Santiago information pack here.